Monday, January 16, 2017

A Successful Yet Sad Ending

I've had Sanders as a teacher since my sophomore year. He was the new teacher and I thought he was going to be like most new teachers and be super strict and mean. But clearly he wasn't because now for the past three years the best part of my day was being able to walk down into the basement to my favorite class/teacher.

His classes, even English classes, aren't like others. He pushes more for a creative side of classwork and to teach us life skills and basically how to be a good human being. This year especially (obviously) was focused on being creative. Projects that I participated in were the humane society one, the bathbomb line, the record carousel, and getting more involved in my food blog again. We ended the year with a Ted Talk and I did mine on Therapeutic Hobbies.

I feel like I accomplished a decent amount in this semester, but there is so much more I wish I could've done. I think that this class should be a required/year long class to let students do their part in saving the world, whatever that is to them.

I came into this class with that attitude; I wanted to save the world. One thing I'm really passionate about is human equal rights. I came into the class thinking somehow I would find a way to change the world and bring peace, equality, and love. But I learned I can't do that in that short amount of time, but it gave me a start to the attitude that I will carry with me and the goal I will strive for, for the rest of my life.

I'm going to take this last part of my last blog post to thank Mr. Sanders. He has been my biggest motivator, my mentor, my biggest fan, and a pretty awesome friend. I'm very sad to not have him as a teacher while having to go through my last semester of high school, and God knows I'm going to be crying like a baby on the last day of school when I have to say goodbye to him. He has exposed me to some of the coolest things and people and it has most definitely changed the way I thought my future was going be. One day when I'm a successful chef with a cookbook he'll be on the acknowledgments page "For Mr. Sanders, thank you for pushing me to do what you knew I could do."

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