Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Put Your Records On

So out of ALL of those ideas, I decided to make a carousel for my records, so they could stay organized and easy to access. I'm also going to make the cookbook but I'm going to make it for my sister for Christmas because she's not a very good cook.

BUT ANYWAY, my dad and I will start making it this week. For the round part on the top we're going to use a bike tire, so that its big enough to fit the length of my records/the hangers. Plus using the bike tire will make it easier to spin because it already has the technology in it. So I'll have a wooden base and a metal pole, and I think I'll paint it light blue and gold (to match my room and because I'm super hip).

I'll go buy some hangers at TJ Maxx this week, the kind you hang pants with. So yeah my parents leave for New York on Friday and my dad will help me before then. I'm super excited.

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