Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Put Your Records On

So out of ALL of those ideas, I decided to make a carousel for my records, so they could stay organized and easy to access. I'm also going to make the cookbook but I'm going to make it for my sister for Christmas because she's not a very good cook.

BUT ANYWAY, my dad and I will start making it this week. For the round part on the top we're going to use a bike tire, so that its big enough to fit the length of my records/the hangers. Plus using the bike tire will make it easier to spin because it already has the technology in it. So I'll have a wooden base and a metal pole, and I think I'll paint it light blue and gold (to match my room and because I'm super hip).

I'll go buy some hangers at TJ Maxx this week, the kind you hang pants with. So yeah my parents leave for New York on Friday and my dad will help me before then. I'm super excited.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Think Think Think

So this past week we have started our next projects, and at this point I´m a little brain dead. I couldn´t think of much. I´ve already dealt with a lot of the issues I care about, and attempted to solve them, but trying to change the perseption of peoples' minds all around the world isn´t something you can do in two weeks. I could try to make people understand that all humans should be equal whether they´re straight, gay, black, white or asian, catholic, jewish, or muslim, or man, or woman, but that would take an entire lifetime, even more than that. I could try to talk my mom into letting me adopt a child from Africa or Syria, or even in our own country of America, or I could try to adopt a dog or two from the shelter. But I don´t think any of those ideas sound appealing to her right now.

So as we usually do, I had to come up with a list of 20 ideas (I only got to 16, but close enough).

  1.  Set up a Pen Pale system with my 5th grade class for JET with students their age from Germany.
  2. Bring treats every Friday to my class if around their desk is clean and they have their chair stacked everyday that week.
  3. Make a cookbook for all my jumbled recipes.
  4. Make a moisturizing and washable lotion to put on before you get into the bathtub so prevent skin from getting dry.
  5. Make the small room for sanders and build shelves in it and provide homemade granola bars for people who don´t get breakfast.
  6. Make a ¨Celebrate Diversity¨ video with the kids at my elementary school.
  7. Get a grant to update bathroom stalls and faucets.
  8. Make a clip to put on the knot after tying your shoes so that they don´t become untied.
  9. Large shower head to attach to the hose to make washing your dog easier.
  10. Make a spinning machine with speed control to clean makeup brushes.
  11. Attachment for water bottle that holds a lemon (or any other food) for detox water.
  12. Make aroma therapy diffuser for shower.
  13. Make a carousel to hold, organize, and make records more accessable.
  14. Make something to organize makeup brushes.
  15. Make a floating dog bed so my dog doesn´t take up my whole bed.
  16. Make a suit to put on my dog so her doesn´tget so much dog hair on my bed.
These were all my ideas, and I had to take a few ideas and whose which was the best and which was the worse.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Uh Oh Spaghetti-O

So yeah we suck. The prototypes didn't really work out. They kept breaking in the molds and made skin feel rubbery, and they smoked and yeah, it didn't work.

So I was going to try several times to try and make a bathbomb, but I've been so busy with my German exchange student. The first time Jessica made the bathbomb she forgot the coconut oil, then the second time they decided not to put essential oils in it because its like $30 worth of oils to make one batch. It wasn't going to work out because we wanted to make them cheaper for the customer to buy.