Friday, October 28, 2016


Faith and finished the dog project, the one where we were super excited about helping others and we had our dreams crushed by a ungrateful, teenage volunteer.

Yeah, I'm still salty.

But we were trying to figure out what we should do for our next project. And all I could think of was doing DIY beauty remedies. It was super lame and I was still crushed from the previous project. But we started doing brainstorming activities in class and soon we came up with the idea of a bathbomb line.

Jessica, Kylee, Faith, and I were going to start our own line of bathbombs. We were going to have several kinds: the fortune bathbomb, the puzzle piece bathbomb, the half a dozen bathbomb set, and the children's bathbomb.

The fortune bathbomb was going to be like a regular bathbomb, but in the middle would be a laminated fortune to surprise you in the end. The puzzle piece bathbombs were going to come in all different scents and you could make different scent combonations by putting them together and dropping them in. The half a dozen bathbomb set was going to be 6 egg-shaped bathbombs in a decorative egg carton. And the childrens bathbomb would be a regular bathbomb but the chemical makeup would be more concentrated on the cleaners, and in the center would be a toy, such as a plastic dinosaur or something.

We were going to get our prototype and then present our idea to the owners of Kittsona, and we wanted to sell them in the store, and have 20% of the proceeds go to the dog shelter.

Then we started creating.

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