Friday, October 28, 2016

Bill Nye the Science Guy

So because Faith and I have such terrible schedules, Jessica and Kylee started the actual making of the first few bathbombs.

They tried the first time with a regular sphere mold. The colors were great, but when they were done making it, they realized they forgot the coconut oil. So Jessica tried it out, but it made her skin feel rubery.

Then they tried it again but since the essential oils were so expensive, they tried to make them without it and they added more scented epsome salts. This time it wouldn't come out of the mold.

So at this point we're kinda screwed. Oh we also sometime in there went to Kittsona to see what kind of bath products they had available, they only had like three bathbombs, and they weren't even homemade.


Faith and finished the dog project, the one where we were super excited about helping others and we had our dreams crushed by a ungrateful, teenage volunteer.

Yeah, I'm still salty.

But we were trying to figure out what we should do for our next project. And all I could think of was doing DIY beauty remedies. It was super lame and I was still crushed from the previous project. But we started doing brainstorming activities in class and soon we came up with the idea of a bathbomb line.

Jessica, Kylee, Faith, and I were going to start our own line of bathbombs. We were going to have several kinds: the fortune bathbomb, the puzzle piece bathbomb, the half a dozen bathbomb set, and the children's bathbomb.

The fortune bathbomb was going to be like a regular bathbomb, but in the middle would be a laminated fortune to surprise you in the end. The puzzle piece bathbombs were going to come in all different scents and you could make different scent combonations by putting them together and dropping them in. The half a dozen bathbomb set was going to be 6 egg-shaped bathbombs in a decorative egg carton. And the childrens bathbomb would be a regular bathbomb but the chemical makeup would be more concentrated on the cleaners, and in the center would be a toy, such as a plastic dinosaur or something.

We were going to get our prototype and then present our idea to the owners of Kittsona, and we wanted to sell them in the store, and have 20% of the proceeds go to the dog shelter.

Then we started creating.

Dropping the Bomb

Faith and I told Sanders ahead of time that we weren't coming to class, we had to go out to the humane society to drop off our supplies. We took the 20 minutes drive out there, and once we got there we realized it was still closed. We went to the door and rang the doorbell anyway, hoping they would answer. A volunteer luckily opened the door and we came inside, hands full of gifts. The lady at the front desk said "Oh you can drop that stuff off at the table over there. Thanks."

That was it.

After hours of planning, and calling, and running around town for our donations, and taking pictures, and the hard work making all of those homemade dog treats, all we got was a "oh put that over there with all the other donated stuff. thanks." Really?

I guess they get donations all the time, but they don't realize all the work we put into raising the money and getting the products. Here's how it all went:

1. plan the process
2. call the local buisnesses for donating jars
3. taking the pictures of the dogs
4. creating the jars
5. dropping off the jars
6. picking up the jars
7. finding the recipe
8. making the treats
9. buying the products
10. dropping off the products

All of this and all we got was a Thanks.

Anyway, I learned that they're semi-ungrateful, but it's whatever. I'm glad I could help the dogs in some way.

Leading up to the donating

So I spent several hours one night making dog treats. Like 4 dozen of them. They were made with whole wheat flour, oats, parsley, nonfat dry milk, salt, eggs, and peanut butter. I don't know how they tasted because these star shaped weird smelling cookies didn't look very appetizing to me, but i gave a few to my dog and he seemed to enjoy them.

I went to Petco and bought a bunch of toys and bowls and kitty litter and other supplies that were on their wish list. We raised around $150, so we were able to buy a good amount of supplies.

I loaded up everything in my car and waited excitedly until the next day when Faith and I could bring our presents out to the shelter.