Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Introducing Me

I should probably start with my name in this first post for my new blog, but I'm sure the only person that is truly going to be reading this is Mr. Sanders, the teacher whose class I'm doing this for. I'm in an Innovations class, or as it said on my schedule "Applied Communications." I took this class to continue having Mr. Sanders as a teacher. He has been my English teacher for the past two years, and we've become close. I think he has a very  positive impact on my life, always pushing me to better myself, get creative, and do things I would've never even thought of doing (like making this blog, or the blog I started my sophomore year for my passion of cooking).

Well I think this blog is going to just be a lot of rambling, I'm basically writing anything that comes to mind because Sanders is very unspecific about what we are supposed to, but let's give it a shot and get to work.

My name is Brooke Renea Rieger.
Fun Fact: I didn't learn to spell my middle name until my sophomore year.
I'm 18 years old and I am starting my senior year of high school. And honestly it doesn't feel like my senior year, I'm just starting to discover so many things. Like how to use the deli for lunch, how to spell potato and tomato, and the plural form of each, learning that if I come into a classroom like Sanders's or Mr. Sherwood's screaming "ITS NOT COOL TO BE AN ASSHOLE" they're not going to scold me, they'll simply ask what's wrong. But even though it doesn't FEEL like I'm a senior, I'm definitely ready to be done.
And surprisingly, school isn't the only thing I do in life, even though that's basically the only thing I've talked about.

I love to cook.
That sounds like a line out of High School Musical in the big number "Stick to the Status Quo", it's totally cheesy and I know people don't take me seriously when I tell them that. But it's what I've known I was going to do for the rest of my life since fourth grade when I became mesmerized by the Food Network and creating my own potions in the kitchen (only for my mother to come home and yell at me to clean up my mess). I began getting kitchen tools and cookbooks and aprons for birthdays and Christmas ever since. I used to tell my Grandpa that I was going to go on the show "Throwdown! With Bobby Flay" and I was going to beat him by making my famous scrambled eggs.

Classic. Scrambled Eggs.

Speaking of scrambled, how bout this first post? You guessed right folks. I'm changing the subject.

If you've ever met me, you probably know that Duke, my 120lb Black Lab, is the absolute love of my life. I LOVE dogs. I really wish I could have more, but sadly mommy dearest and pappi won't let me get another. I begged for weeks to adopt one from the shelter.

(here's my really great transition into my project.)

So I was sitting in the living room with my mother. She was scrolling through Facebook and I was staring at her because I was bored. She started watching a video on some guy who went to the shelter and donated a bunch of stuff and ended up adopting one of the dogs. I screamed after it was done "MOM WE HAVE TO GO GET A DOG FROM THE SHELTER SO IT CAN BE HAPPY." She of course sat there and considered it for a few seconds but then realized she wasn't going to let me guilt trip her. So she said we could do things like supply the local shelter with food and treats and other supplies they need, and I agreed because doing something to help was better than doing nothing.

But one thing lead to another and BAM, here I am in Sanders's Innovations class doing a project to raise money, to buy supplies, to donate to the shelter.

And we'll just have to see where its going to go in my next post.

Stay tuned;)

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