Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Doges, Doggos, and Puppers

So I have a slight obsession with dogs.

Not in like weird way though, I'm not that girl who only talks about dogs, or has dogs on my backpack and folders and notebooks, or casually blogs about dogs..

But anyway, dogs.

I should tell you more about my project about the dogs at the shelter. Basically what we're doing is making donation jars at local businesses in town, to raise money to buy the things we need to make homemade dog treats, and we will be bringing all the products and left over money to the shelter.

I went to the shelter yesterday to take pictures of some of the dogs. We wanted to put pictures of the dogs that are actually available for adoption at the shelter on the jars, so they have more of a chance of finding their "Fur-ever" home. And going there and seeing all the dogs broke my heart. They were all so sweet and deserved loving homes. I wanted to take them all with me.

I've had this obsession with getting a dog from the shelter for a while now, and I think going there yesterday made my wanting even stronger. I can't wait to live on my own when I'm older and adopted so many dogs from the shelter to love them and make them sooooo happy:)

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